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The best team tournament for operating an oil and gas production company.

Our partners use Oilfield Workshop for a wide range of tasks -
from public events to developing project teams.

real-time performance indicators

objective assessment in a team competition

management training

high dynamics and engagement of participants

based on dynamic reservoir simulation

tecnological cycle of an oil company

simulation of different company's departments

team building

ГЛ. Применение

Project team development and teambuilding

Competition between companies

Intoduction to oil and gas industry for non-specialists

Social events

Leadership skills assessment

Learning the company's processes

Development of unconventional reserves

How Oilfield Workshop has already been used?


Oilfield Tournament

Training-based competitions are an excellent addition to oil and gas forums and conferences. Oilfield Tournament is a form of competitive events where teams actually compete in oil production rather than in the art of hypothesis and presentation.
The format of the tournament is determined individually to suit your objectives.
An example of a tournament format:
- minimum 2 teams of 10-15 people
- duration 1.5-3 working days
- room - about 100 square metres per team

Our customers

Unfortunately, under the terms of contractual relations, we cannot disclose information about direct customers. However, we can confirm that we have worked with branches of the major oil companies in Russia.

What our customers say?


A game that is close to reality, excellent team building. It proves the importance of being able to work in a team, a clear understanding that the result as a whole depends on the efforts of each individual employee. In the work process it is not always possible to realise it.


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"Сlose to reality, excellent team building. It proves the need to work in a team, a clear understanding that the result as a whole depends on the work of each employee. During the work it is not always possible to feel it".

○ ● ○
"Interesting training format, close to real company. It requires the ability to keep a lot of information in the head, to make quick decisions".

○ ● ○
«A necessary part of any effective team is building vertical co-operation, and this game is all about it».

○ ● ○
«It develops the right attitude towards the processes of harmonisation and information gathering. I recommend that students attend as spectators».

○ ● ○
«The tournament gives different professionals the opportunity to get more into the activities of others, which will help in their work».

○ ● ○
«Excellent event, helps to strengthen relationships in teamwork, allows you to get into the spirit of the oil company».

Training course customisation

We customise the training to the format required by the customer.
For each event we write a separate scenario, build a geological and hydrodynamic model, develop tasks for participants and methods of evaluating their performance, the staff that conducts the event is trained.

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